17 – Eid e Miladun Nabi – Molana Sadiq Hasan

17 – Eid e Miladun Nabi (saww) – Molana Sadiq Hasan

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  1. Assalamoalekum,

    You guys are doing very well. JazakAllah. Can you please add a category of lectures / majalis that will be shown Topic wise. For instance Molana Sadiq Hassan’s Majalis > Topics OR Molana Sadiq Hassan’s Lectures > Topics etc…. so it would be more easier to search or find out relevant thing…. in that particular Video, you can give reference like Year, Venue, & speech number etc..

    Thank you for reading this & your reply will highly be appreciated.


    1. Waalykumas Salam wrwb
      Thanks for your kind suggestion. We will definitely try to incorporate your suggestion in our website.
      For Molana Sadiq Hasan sahib we do have a separate menu item “Islamic History and Teachings” where we have tried to categorize the majalis topic wise.
      Please keep on giving us your valuable feedback and suggestions.

      Shia TV Online.


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