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Khurram Zaki Outside Saudi Embassy Pakistan

Khurram Zaki Outside Saudi Embassy Pakistan. Protesting outside Saudi Consulate in Pakistan against the unfair execution of Sheikh Baqir al Nimr in Saudi Arabia, demanding every citizen of Saudi must be given chance of a fair trial. Later Khurram Zaki and others started negotiating with police who was trying to stop them from approaching the […]

Sirat e Mustaqeem – Khurram Zaki 2009

Sirat e Mustaqeem – Khurram Zaki 2009 Syed Khurram Zaki was a Pakistani journalist and human rights activist. Zaki, a Shia revert, was known for his opposition to Wahabi religious extremism and banned terrorist organisations such as TTP, ASWJ and LeJ. During the late hours of 7 May 2015, Zaki, while eating dinner at a […]

Khurram Zaki – Al Quds Day

Khurram Zaki speaking on Al Quds Day. Al-Quds Day is the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan declared by the Iranian Shia late spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as an international day of struggle against Israel and for the liberation of Jerusalem.

Khurram Zaki Response To Apology From Mullah Abdul Aziz

Khurram Zaki filed an application to lodge FIR against Molvi Abdul Aziz of the Red Mosque (Jama Hafsa) against his video that was released from Red Mosque official facebook page in which the coward Molvi Abdul Aziz gave hate speech against Shia Muslims of Pakistan and also he attacked the official of ISI – the […]

Khurram Zaki Initial Response To Mullah Abdul Aziz

This video is Khurram Zaki response to the video message issued by the head cleric of Red Mosque and Jama Hafsa Molvi Abdul Aziz in which the infamous coward molvi attacked the Shia Muslims of Pakistan and Pakistan intelligence agency ISI. He tried to divide the agency on sectarian lines. Molvi Abdul Aziz attacked the […]