Ray Traveller Shah Abdul Azim Islamic Movie in Urdu [HD]

Shah Abdul Azim

The Shāh Abdol Azīm (Persian: شاه عبدالعظیم‎), : ‘Abdul ‘Adhīm ibn ‘Abdillāh al-Hasanī (aka. Shah Abdol Azim). Shah Abdol Azim was a fifth generation descendant of Imam Hasan ibn ‘Alī and a companion of Imam Muhammad al-Taqī. He was entombed in Iran after his death in the 9th century.

Adjacent to the shrine, within the complex, include the mausolea of Imamzadeh Tahir (son of the fourth Imam Sajjad), and Imamzadeh Hamzeh (brother of the eighth Imām – Imām Reza).


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